Kutaisi’s Cultural Significance for Georgia
Located in west Georgia, Kutaisi is one of the world's oldest, constantly inhabited cities! The city is rich with interesting cultural elements. Renowned for its historical roots going back to the myths of the Argonauts, it has a pivotal role in Georgian history. Kutaisi presents a journey into a world where ancient traditions blend with the modern world. This city will surely make a memorable travel destination.

3 Must-See Sites in Kutaisi

Kutaisi is one of the oldest cities in the world, beckoning travelers with its ancient legends and natural wonders. As the nurturing hub of the Imereti region, Kutaisi offers a unique blend of historical magnificence. It presents sightseeing experiences that resonate with the soul of Georgia. Here, we present you with three must-see sights in and around the city.

How we created Kutaisi Inn

In the heart of Kutaisi, where ancient tales whisper through the winds, stands a grand and graceful Hotel - Kutaisi Inn. Established in the sunlit month of June 2022, this hotel has become a tale of its own, entwining the old with the new.